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Additional Formula List

Caregen offers a wide variety of skincare and professional therapy products that are available exclusively with the unique and high quality growth factors and biomimetic peptides.

Classification Formulation Description
ANTI-AGING *Every existing Dermaheal products
are available for OEM/ODM.
ANTI-PIGMENTATION *Every existing Dermaheal products
are available for OEM/ODM.
ANTI-ACNE Gel Cleanser
Hydrating Day Cream, SPF 15
Hydrating Night Cream

Anti-inflammatory Serum
Cleansing, Anti-bacteria, Anti-inflammation
Moisturizing, Anti-bacteria, Anti-inflammation, Scar repair
Moisturizing, Anti-bacteria, Anti-inflammation, Scar repair, Nutrition
Acne healing serum with high anti-inflammatory effect
WOUND HEALING Scar Repair Wound healing formula, FDA Approval pending
for medical device
Day Cream, SPF 15
Night Cream
Hydrating, Moisturizing, Anti-aging
Hydrating, Moisturizing, Anti-aging
Hydrating, Moisturizing, Anti-aging
ANTI-HAIR LOSS Anti-hair Loss Shampoo/Conditioner
(For damaged hair)
Hair Nutrition Solution/Lotion
(For all types of hair)
Hair Shampoo/Conditioner with hair regain effect for
damaged, perm, dyed hair
Hair Solution/Lotion with intensive nutrition care for
all types of hair
Lip Serum
Lip moisturizing Balm, Anti-aging
Lip moisturizing, Anti-aging, Food additives
CLEANSER Oil Cleanser
Gel Cleanser (Balm)
Deep cleansing
Deep cleansing
BODY CARE Body Essence (Balm)
Neck Firming Gel
Breast Firming Gel
Body Slimming Cream
Anti-aging, Moisturizing, Hand & Body Care
Anti-aging, Reducing Fine lines
Size up and Lifting
Fat burning, Anti-cellulite, Body moisturizing